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Just IMAGINE how great you will feel when its done.

If you ask my childhood friend of 20 years, I’ve been training for this career since we met.  Her idea of shoving her clutter in the closet or under her bed wasn’t enough for her to come out and play.  So there I was pulling everything out, wiping things down, asking her where this went and putting that away.  Like any kid, chore day was still a fight for my mom and she laughs to find out that this is what I enjoy, taming the clutter and bringing order to the chaos.  Thinking back, even my first jobs showed signs that this was for me.  I created a babysitting box that was full of goodies and emergency numbers that I toted with me from house to house.  Working for a small business downtown, I was constantly organizing merchandise, playing with the layout, helping the owner organize behind the counter and even creating a customer database from years of invoices. When I advanced in my banking career I had the opportunity to build and organize an office from the ground up.  I thrived in that environment. Everything was easy to find, both in physical and electronic files, we saved money because duplicate supply orders weren’t placed. What some called mundane tasks, I saw past and was motivated by the potential the completion held. It was easier to find things, we were more efficient and what we created looked more professional.  

It started to really formulate for me when I helped go through the home of a loved one.  It was a big job and it held many many memories for all of us.  It seemed never ending at times yet we powered through.  No short cuts were made, every item, every piece of paper was looked at and decided upon.  42 years in one home and a lifetime of travel and crafts made for a lot of decisions.  The relief that I saw from my mom as I sourced boxes and loaded for donation, made me know I was in the right spot, taking care of the little things so she could focus on the big things.  From there things ramped up even more and I knew this is what I needed to be doing.   A friend asked me to help get a home office functional, part of my vacation included re-organizing a kitchen, and when my in-laws decided to move the pre-purge, post purge and the setup of the new house has my fingerprints all over it.  

I find joy in helping people find their space, that’s what motivates me.  I like hearing the stories and the memories the things invoke, and being a part of the process of what needs to find space and what needs to find a new home.  Memories are good, but with stuff, sometimes more is just more, and it causes the true treasures to be drowned out.   When you clear the clutter from your space you also clear the clutter from your mind.  A clear mind is more at ease, it has the freedom to do whatever you want to do.




Let me help you have a Clutter free Life