Lori P.                   06/02/17

Katie is incredible!! Bright, positive, hard-worker, takes charge, equipped with materials, and knows what she's doing. Our garage now holds both our cars again and looks fantastic.  We couldn't be more pleased and she will certainly be our pick for the next project.

         Charles G.           03/07/17

ProHome deals skillfully with hoarder problems. A single employee business with good people skills. Katie has handled the relationship with my reluctant wife admirably and created a new friend.  They are able to work together harmoniously. I am pleased.

         Becky F.               06/10/16

I found myself in need to purge "stuff" I had accumulated over a period of 30 years and then organize what I was going to keep (uuugg). Knowing I could NOT do this myself, I enlisted the help of Katie. After our initial interview, she understood what I wanted to accomplish and kept me focused, on task and gently "pushed" when needed (and boy did I need those gentle "pushes"). I found Katie to be one of those rare people that can help others with kindness, grace, humor, determination and common sense. After the purging was completed, she helped me organize with workable suggestions and ideas while working along side me the whole way. I have worked with others, in the past, for organization and found Katie to be far superior in this regard. She works along side you as part of a team instead of just offering suggestions and/or taking over. Because of Katie's help, this process was far more enjoyable and less overwhelming than I thought it was going to be. As for recommending Katie to others - definitely YES!!! In my opinion, you could not find a better person to help with this kind of job.

*DONATING hours to SONOMA, NAPA & MARIN* counties


If you live in the Napa, Sonoma or Marin Counties and need to make room in your home for friends, family or strangers who have been displaced by the horrible fires in the North Bay....

ProHome is DONATING up to 5 hours per job to the FIRST 20 people in need to help make room for them!  #SonomaStrong